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SENDA ESSENTIALS Cotton Tote Bag is the perfect ally to carry all you need throughout your day, big enough to hold your Travel Essentials plus any extras of your own.


  • Certified (GOTS) Organic Cotton
  • Bag Material 8oz Cotton
  • Handle Material 10oz Cotton
  • Bag 40cm x 40cm
  • Handle 66cm x 2.5cm

A  great long lasting biodegradable alternative to plastic bags. If handled with care this stylish bag will last years helping reduce the estimated 5 trillion plastic bags that are used yearly, for an average of only 12 minutes yet take a thousand years to decompose.

5 trillion bags sounds like a few doesn’t it? Well it is, tied together it’s enough to cover NSW, VIC, ATC and Tassie.

Care Instructions

Hand or machine wash with cold water only

Do not tumble dry.