808 Dude Toiletry Bag

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We all want to keep our essentials well in hand and organized for when we need them but some of us can’t be bothered to tote around a girly-looking toiletry bag? With the 808 Dude Toiletry Bag, you won’t have to worry about looking uncool.

It's primarily cool because of what it’s made with. The 808 Dude Toiletry Bag is made with 100% sustainable and environmentally-friendly calico. It’s double-stitched edges ensure that the 808 Dude Toiletry Bag is durable and can withstand the rigours of an adventure- and action-filled life of a teenager.

The 808 Dude Toiletry Bag is roomy too so you can stash your essentials in it and off you go! If it ever gets grubby and soiled in your adventures, just chuck it in the wash and it will be good as new!

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100% Calico cotton