NoBites Insect Repellent 100ml Spray

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NoBites Insect Repellent is Natural. Plant-based. And, it works. Use NoBites™, and biting insects will treat you like the plague.


With no DEET, our formulation is completely safe, even for the little ones. Scientifically proven to be hard-hitting and effective in all sorts of environments.

Think of NoBites™ as your personal shield against biting insects. Unlike other repellents on the market, NoBites™ not only smells great but once applied has a dry feel & doesn't leave an oily residue.

  • Vegan-friendly, long lasting, dermatologically tested, and cruelty-free
  • Repels mosquitoes, black flies, sandflies, midges, stable flies for 6 hours and ticks up to 4 hours
  • Guards against contracting Malaria, Zika Virus, Dengue fever, Ross River virus, Lyme disease and other diseases caused by insect bites
  • Safe for use in pregnancy
  • APVMA APPROVED, Backed by Centres for Disease Control (CDC) & World Health Organisation (WHO)

The recyclable HDPE plastic bottles, pump sprays and caps are also Australian manufactured right here in QLD.

How to Use

Before using, shake the bottle well and apply NoBites™ directly to exposed skin. Repeat application if required. Wash hands after each use. For additional protection, apply NoBites™ to clothing, as well.

NoBites™ can be used to protect children as young as 12 months. In fact, it is so safe that we introduced a NoBitesinsect repellent just for kids

The active ingredient in NoBites™ is Citriodiol, which prevents insects from  “smelling” people, by creating a “camouflage” that shields users from being detected by biting insects, which often use their sense of smell to find prey.

A natural insect repellent derived from the oil of the Eucalyptus citriodora tree. A natural byproduct of the tree’s oil as it ages, Citriodiol is considered one of the best natural insect repellents available. It is a renewable, natural resource with a low impact on the environment.

Customer Reviews

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Kristina Challands
No Bites - it's true

I'm very happy with No Bites - it has a lovely fragrance and really works! I'll be buying more.