The Original Scrubber - Antibacterial Exfoliating Back Scrubber

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The Original Scrubber - Exfoliating Back Scrubber Shower Sponge is an antibacterial back and body washer that sticks to your shower wall (or floor), leaving your back, body & feet clean and exfoliated. The antibacterial agent makes it mould resistant for up to 3 years.

No more awkwardly reaching, straining or pulling muscles to clean your back. Simply lather up the bacterial sponge for instant use.

How to Use
  • Place your Back Scrubber onto a wet surface 
  • Lather the Back Scrubber with your soap
  • Gently move your back across the Back Scrubber for exfoliation
  • Can also be used for feet

This anti bacterial back and body washer is a quality personal hygiene product for health conscience people looking for a hands free way to clean their back.

A specially designed Loofah that adheres to your shower wall with 48 suction cups and achieves a hands - free clean like you've never experienced before.

Cleans & Massages

The back washer can be used both on and off the wall to clean and massage 100% of your body with comfort and ease.  

Skin Care

Your skin will feel amazingly smooth while younger and healthier as you experience deep clean. 

3 Types Available Soft / Medium / Firm

  • Soft- Is for that gentle skin, children or the elderly
  • Medium- Gives you that extra Exfoliation that's brings your skin to life 
  • Firm- Is for that tough sun kissed skin or for people with excess skin on their feet .

Colours may vary.