PURE FOOD ESSENTIALS Organic Cayenne Pepper 80g

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PURE FOOD ESSENTIALS Organic Cayenne Pepper is high on the scale of spiciness. The active component of chilli peppers is capsaisin (cap-say-sin). Varying levels of capsaisin in chillies gives them their heat. Many people consume large quantities of cayenne pepper, often in capsule form, for the health benefits of capsaisin. Pure Food Essentials organic Cayenne Pepper contains only ground, dried chilli peppers.

Cayenne Pepper is one of the hottest chilli powders available commercially. Pure Food Essentials Cayenne Pepper ranks at 67,200 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). That means it has to be diluted 67,000 times for the heat to be undetectable! Any dish you cook with cayenne pepper will be fiery hot. It’s a good chilli powder to have on hand to perk up a disappointingly mild dish. Because it’s very easy to overdo the spicy heat you should add it sparingly. You can always add more, but it’s impossible to remove!'

Health Benefits and Therapeutic Uses of Cayenne Pepper 

Under medical supervision, many people take big doses of Cayenne pepper to support heart health, for pain management, to treat the symptoms of diabetes, and for various cancers.

  • Western science is proving capsaicin’s positive effects in treatments for cancer, diabetes and even in pain management.
  • Many research studies show that capsaicin has huge potential in the treatment of many kinds of cancers.
  • Capsaicin is widely used to relieve pain, particularly for those suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • While initial applications of a capsaicin cream can result in minor burning, itching and stinging, continued application dramatically decreases breakouts of psoriasis.
  • Capsaicin improves blood sugar and insulin reactions. It is also used as a cream in the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy. 
  • Helps with weight control. Capsaicin speeds up the metabolism, helps to burn fat and aids digestion.
  • Stimulates circulation.
  • Powerful decongestant as it stimulates the release of mucus from respiratory passages and opens airways.
How to Use

Cooking with Cayenne Pepper

  • How much of it to use in a recipe will require some experimentation, but you can be sure it’s hotter than most commercially available chilli powders.
  • A great chicken soup recipe with a good sprinkle of cayenne on top is a wonderful cold remedy.
Certified Organic Cayenne Pepper.