ONYA Live Local Reusable Shopping Bag (Large)

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ONYA Live Local Reusable Shopping Bag is a handy reusable shopping bag that scrunches up into a small pouch when not in use, and easily expand to carry all your shopping when needed.


  • Convenient carabiner clip means it is literally always ‘On ya’
  • Built-in shoulder strap makes this a very versatile bag
  • Built-in shopping caddy loops for easy packing
  • Just 50g total weight
  • Useful front pocket
  • Holds several kilos
  • Sizes - Small: Width 37cm, Length 46cm and Large: Width 47cm, Length 58cm
  • Made from up to 10 plastic bottles
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

Included in Onya’s product lineup is a range of shopping bags made from recycled plastic bottles. These quality reusable shopping bags have amazing properties, such that you would never guess what they were made from if you didn’t already know.

Attractive, practical, and versatile.

They are brightly coloured and super strong, yet the weave is incredibly fine and the thread count is amazingly high. It makes a very durable and versatile product that can be scrunched down to a tiny attached pouch when not in use, but then expands to a full sized shopping bag you can pack your groceries in.

High strength and comfort.

Unlike regular plastic shopping bags, our reusable bags don’t sag or tear. The handles are ergonomically designed to be comfortable, and the soft material won’t dig into your flesh like the handles on other shopping bags.

Safe and convenient

They’re also much easier to use and far more convenient that “supermarket issue” reusable shopping bags. We even added a shoulder strap so you can carry more bags, or keep your hands free for other things.

Safe, comfortable, and reliable, Onya has the best reusable shopping bags available online.

Plenty of options

Our reusable shopping bags are available in two different sizes and several different colours and designs. We set out to design the perfect reusable shopping bags for Australia, and what we produced exceeded even our own expectations.

The small bags carry around the same capacity as a regular shopping bag, while the larger size (at 58cm high) can comfortably accommodate taller or stacked items with no issues.

The caddy loops on the inside of the bag opening can be used by the checkout attendant and slipped over the plastic bag dispenser most checkouts use.  This allows the checkout attendant to more easily pack your shopping bags for you.

Getting the best from your bags

Because they are so strong and can hold up to several kilos each, it can be tempting to overfill them. We instead recommend to spread your shopping load across multiple bags to make carrying more comfortable. You can also use the built in shoulder strap to make it easier to carry several loads.

The bags also have a pocket that you can use to hold small items like a shopping list, pen, or pocket calculator.

Why we think Onya bags are the best

All the features listed above are just some of the many reasons we believe these are the best reusable shopping bags online (or anywhere).

But we think the very best thing about them is that each one is made from up to ten recycled plastic bottles, helping to reduce plastic waste in our landfills and waterways.

Using these bags also helps to promote environmental consciousness, so hopefully more people will be inspired to make the ethical and responsible choice of preferring recycled reusable shopping bags over disposables.

Onya specialises in a great range of reusable products throughout Australia. You can also find a selection of reusable produce bags, reusable sandwich wraps, reusable grocery bags, reusable coffee cups, reusable vegetable bags, snack bags & more.