Himalayan Mini Salt Lamp USB (CLEARANCE)

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Himalayan Mini Salt Lamp USB connects through any USB port. 
Equipped with an environmentally friendly and energy efficient LED light, it will emit 20,000 hours of life!
These are the perfect size for travel and work.

Being a natural product, salt USB lamps will vary in size, colour and shape.

Safety & Care

As salt absorb moisture and are natural dehumidifiers, USB salt lamps are prone to leak salty water in humid environments. Therefore, do not place on electrical appliances.

To prevent furniture from getting damaged by salty water, always protect the surface beneath lamp.

To avoid moisture build up, keep USB salt lamp switched on 30 minutes each day.

When not in use, seal lamp in plastic bag or store in a dry cool place.

To clean, simply dry dust or wipe with a damp rag.