SLOBBER BEADS Baltic Amber Baby Multi Oval Necklace

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SLOBBER BEADS Baltic Amber Baby Multi Oval Necklace is a natural remedy to help with teething discomfort and pain.

Slobber Beads is a 100% natural remedy for babies teething pain and is a great drug-free option to help ease the discomfort.

Screw clasp so baby cannot pull it off and there is a knot between each bead. If in any case, it breaks, only one small bead will fall off.

How to Use

Parents should always supervise their infant child when wearing the necklace or bracelet.

Remove the necklace or bracelet when their child is asleep or unattended.

Do not allow their child to chew the necklace or bracelet.

A Baby amber bracelet can be worn from any age a parent is comfortable.


Authentic Baltic Amber from Poland.

Baby Amber Necklace from 32-33 cm ( 0 to 2.5 years old)