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THERAPEIA AUSTRALIA Organic Turmeric Plus 660mg 120 Capsules

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THERAPEIA AUSTRALIA Organic Turmeric Plus 660mg 120 Capsules was the first turmeric powder formulation with ginger and black pepper in Australia.

Based on traditional Ayurvedic knowledge that used a preparation called ‘trikatu’ that contained black pepper and ginger to increase the absorption of foods and medicine. This is also supported by modern scientific research which has found active constituents in ginger and black pepper that increase the bioavailability of other substances (phytochemicals).

Is turmeric the greatest natural anti-inflammatory? You be the judge!

One of Nature’s most amazing herbs with an incredible list of healing properties. Turmeric has been cultivated in India for many thousands of years and is a very important part of Ayurvedic medicine due to its ability to heal. Experience the benefits of turmeric today!

Our turmeric is ACO certified organic and independently tested for pesticides and heavy metals so you know you are getting the best product on the market.

We’ve added organic ginger to help with absorption and digestion. Ginger comes from the same family as turmeric (Zingiberaceae) and has many healing properties of its own. A wonderful addition to this product to enhance its healing properties.

Our ginger is ACO certified organic and independently tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

To further improve absorption, organic black pepper has been added to the mix. Black pepper contains an active called piperine that has shown to improve the absorption of many different phytonutrients, including the actives contained within turmeric.

Can you absorb turmeric without black pepper? Yes!

The benefit of black pepper is to increase the speed of absorption and maintain blood levels of turmeric actives, which may give a stronger effect.


Organic turmeric powder (607mg), Organic ginger powder (50mg), Organic black pepper powder (3mg). Certified Organic (ACO), 120 vegetable capsules, no fillers, excipients or flow agents, gluten-free, vegan.


What is the difference between turmeric capsules and curcumin capsules?

Turmeric is a root that is pulled from the ground, much like ginger (they’re actually from the same family). Turmeric is made up of many constituents (also known as actives), one of which, is curcumin. In total, there are over 1,000 constituents in turmeric. Click here to see an image which will show you a range of constituents that naturally occur in turmeric.

Curcumin (there are actually 3 curcuminoids) is one of the constituents found in turmeric and gives turmeric its golden colour. It is probably one of the most researched constituents from a herb in the scientific world with over 600 peer-reviewed scientific studies. In short, curcumin is an extract of turmeric, in the same way that sodium is an extract of salt which naturally contains over 80 minerals.

How many turmeric capsules should I take each day?

There is some research where 3 grams/day of turmeric was successfully used to treat gastrointestinal ulcers. We recommend 2 capsules twice a day (total of 4 capsules) which equates to about 3 grams of turmeric as a standard dose. Some people take more (up to 9 capsules/day) while others only take 2 capsules a day. Whatever you decide, turmeric is dose dependent which means the more you take, the stronger the effect will be.

When taking over 4 turmeric capsules per day, be careful if you have gallstones, are on blood thinners or if you are pregnant.

Where does your turmeric come from?

We have tried to source our organic turmeric from Australia, however, there is very little farming of organic turmeric in Australia due to the high competition from overseas markets. The small amounts and high price prevent us from using Australian grown organic turmeric. We have also tried organic turmeric from Indonesia and found that it was not up to the standard and quality we expect.

Our turmeric comes from various organic farms in India as supply is constantly varying simply because no one farm can cope with the demand.

Are your turmeric capsules certified organic?

Yes, our organic turmeric is certified by the ACO (provider number 11252), which is our manufacturer’s certification number.